What is a Curvepreneur?

A curvepreneur is a woman who is invested in her side hustle. As such, we created Curvepreneurs, a is a support system for women who want to curve their 9-to-5 and get on the path to entrepreneurship.

In this community, we encourage each other to get our ideas off the ground, help each other improve and accelerate our businesses, share tips on how to build a brand, and celebrate each other's wins! 

What makes Curvepreneurs unique is that it addresses the needs of women who are just getting started. We share the same challenge of limited time and resources, as well as the same hope to achieve something greater than ourselves.

Today, the community lives as a closed group on Facebook, but the goal is to come together in person via meetups in New York City. 

We all need real love and support, so only join if you're truly invested in your side hustle.