Flaunt Your Curves: Break the Rules and Just Be Yourself


Welcome to Flaunt Your Curves - A weekly series about women who’ve learned to love their bodies despite society’s norms. This week the spotlight is on Maria Diaz, a vibrant curvy gal and proud author of the blog Looking Through My Closet.


I’ve always dreamt of working in fashion. When I was younger, I had dreams of becoming a model except for a big hurdle- I’m short! Now that I’m older, I’m both short and curvy, but that doesn't mean I have to kiss my fashion dreams goodbye.

I wasn’t always curvy but one thing that always remained the same was my love for fashion with or without curves.

The fashion industry is starting to showcase curvier models, but it is not as diverse as it needs to be. Add to that the hold society has on what’s normal and we have a problem. I say this because there are still a number of unwritten rules about what curvy women can and cannot wear, but my philosophy is to wear whatever you want, especially if it helps you express yourself.


Rule #1: Wear Loose clothing  

Wrong! I love wearing clothes that hug and embrace my curves.  One of my other favorite pieces of clothing is bodycon dresses. I like to go out a lot, and what’s better than wearing a cute bodycon dress that makes you look and feel good?


Rule #2: Cover your Mid-Section

Also Wrong! I love cropped-tops. I wear them all the time, even in the winter. Recently, I started cutting my hoodies and converting them into cropped-top hoodies. I like to have fun with the clothes I wear.

My curves have made me really confident. They’ve made me love my body more.

Coordinating outfits is one of my favorite things to do every day. When I’m about to have a photoshoot, or just dress myself up for the day, I enjoy putting an outfit together that’s going to make me feel great.

As you can see, I tend to wear whatever my heart desires, even if it’s not “meant” for my body type.

I dress my curves with confidence, love, and especially with some fun. You should try it too- it makes a world of a difference.


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Words & Images: Maria Diaz