Feeling Pretty, According to 3 Fabulous Curvy Bloggers

Women’s bodies are constantly evolving, so now more than ever it is very important to love and appreciate them at every stage. With the body-positive movement in full effect and films like "I Feel Pretty" out in theaters, we found it fitting to get inside the minds of 3 fabulous bloggers to understand what their life is like after accepting their beautiful and sexy curves.

We hope that after this you will not only feel pretty, you'll walk away with some fashion inspiration too.



“There is freedom in accepting your body and loving your curves. We can finally have fun with fashion again!”





“Learning to love my curves started with loving myself. After having two children (both via c-section), I subconsciously knew my body would never be the same. I've gone up and down with my weight forever, but now I've accepted that I'm just a thick girl and I love it.”




“Being curvy has become something I’m proud of instead of something I try to change. It isn’t always easy but loving myself and the skin I’m in is worth not being the typical pretty.”



These women are pioneers and role models in their own right. Not only do they accept themselves despite a constant stream of unrealistic images of women, they do so while inspiring other women along the way.

Being able to feel comfortable in your skin and fabulous in your clothes is the ultimate confidence booster. All it takes is a shift in perspective and learning to love yourself for who you are inside and out.
— Logan Russell

The body positivity movement is in full effect. It is now your turn to dress up your curves and flaunt them.

Words by Nidia Serrano