ahead of the curve

We would love to have you submit content for our Ahead of the Curve column.  We are looking for innovative rising female entrepreneurs and women at the top of their field who have an interesting story to tell.

 What you’ll need to submit:

  • A professional photo of yourself, your business, or product

  • A short bio or paragraph about yourself or your business, including the following details:  

    • Industry or area of focus

    • What sets you or your business apart?

    • Mission / Vision

    • Achievements / Wins

  • Answers to a series of questions that will be presented in Q&A form. Below are some sample questions, but the goal is to customize them based on your business or field.  

questions For Individuals

  • What personal or physical obstacles have you had to overcome in order to be where you are today?
  • What is the most useful piece of advice you’ve received in your career?
  • What lessons have you learned as you’ve progressed in your career?

  • Who or what inspires you?

  • What has been the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

  • What has been the most challenging?

  • What advice would you give women like yourself?

questions For Businesses

  • What is the most rewarding aspect of running a business?

  • To what do you attribute your growth and success?

  • Which tools or resources have been the most helpful?

  • Are there any barriers you’re looking to overcome?

Content Guidelines

  • Please submit stories with a friendly, upbeat, encouraging, optimistic, open-minded, and professional tone
  • All submissions must be original content that you own the rights to
  • If the content has been previously published, please make a note in your submission 
  • Please be clear and concise and proofread for error in your copy
  • Please avoid personal affiliate links or sales pitches
  • Images must be high-resolution and be at least 1456 pixels wide 


Corporate Curve reserves the right to edit your post to optimize for SEO and fit the Corporate Curve Community.

We will post the content on our site, send to our email list, and promote via our social channels to drive the most views of the content. We will also include links to your website or social pages. In exchange, we ask guest bloggers to promote on their respective blogs and social accounts and respond to any relevant comments on the post.  


To submit your story to our team, please email us at corporatecurve@gmail.com