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Corporate Curve is an online resource that inspires women to love themselves, the clothes they wear and the work they do.

We celebrate the principle that all women are smart, beautiful and capable of achieving anything via stories that connect, inspire and promote self-confidence.


It’s about time we met…

Hi! I’m Nidia serrano!

I’m a New York City marketer, photographer, and storyteller with tight curls, big curves, and even bigger dreams. I adore sleeping, rom-coms, online shopping, and anything pink. I also love making women feel confident not only about their appearance, but also about their competence in and outside of work.

When I’m not taking pictures or kicking ass at my corporate job, I’m probably dreaming of ways to help women like me feel inspired, represented, celebrated, and understood. If I can be that little voice that whispers: “you’re smart” and “you’re beautiful” when the world tells you otherwise, then I’ll consider my job done.